Construction Update: Bulletin 3 - Change this value to a strong SEO phrase

Sep 1, 2014

Construction Project Update Bulletins are provided by the Refinery Terminal Fire Company (RTFC) for the construction of the new Fire Station and Administrative Building Project (I-37 at McBride Lane). The updates are meant to be a source of
information for Dona Park residents and property owners as well as surrounding businesses, municipal and county representatives and RTFC member companies.

These Bulletins are available online at, by email (upon request), at St. Theresa Catholic Church (1302 Lantana) and the Local Emergency Planing Committee office for the City of Corpus Christi (2406 Leopard Street).

Construction Update

Concrete Pour

The Administration Building concrete was completed, and the Fire Station will be poured in three larger segments and one smaller pour. The current schedule for early morning pours will take place during the weeks of September 8, 17, 24
and October 10. As a reminder, the placement of concrete mixture during the hotter Texas months requires that it be done while the material is at its coolest temperature. Crews will begin working as early as 4:00 AM on those dates. Any noise from the construction site at that time will include the back-up alerts on the trucks, a pulsing sound from the concrete trucks, and the engine sound of the concrete pump truck as it places the material within the foundation forms.

Separation Fence

The drilled piers for the fence have been installed. Delivery of the prefabricated sections is scheduled for the week of September 8 with an anticipated completion date of September 19 pending any days due to inclement weather.

Chain Link Fence

The chain link fence that surrounds the property will remain in place after the construction is complete for security purposes. It will aid in the prevention of vehicles entering the property particularly at the North end. RTFC will be responsible for maintaining the grass between the separation fence and chain link fence.

Water Connection

We still await scheduling by the City of Corpus Christi for the water connection process.

Water PressureAnt Piles on RTFC property

We have covered the distance of the property along the fence line looking for ant piles that may have raised concern, but have not located any. If there is a particular area you would like to show us, we’d be happy to send someone out to investigate and report back. Call Carla Gardiner to coordinate a day and time when an RTFC representative can meet you.

What is Next

Corpus Christi Community Advisory Council
Thursday, September 11 | 11:30 AM | Flint Hills Resources, 1925 Tuloso Rd.
Topic: Recycling / Workforce Development