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Protect Your Plant

An on-site emergency response team in your plant, staffed 24/7 by full-time fire professionals, is the best investment you’ll make to protect both the resources and people who work for you.

Always There and Always Prepared

These in-plant services are staffed 24/7 by full-time fire professionals who are able to respond to a diverse array of situations and locations through first-hand experience with your facility.

Our in-plant personnel provide the following immediate emergency response services:

Hazardous Materials
Medical Emergencies
Spill Response
Rescue Incidents

Additionally, those enlisting our in-plant services receive:

Fixed and Semi-fixed Fire Protection Systems
Safety Equipment
Emergency Preparation
Confined Space Rescue Standby
Facility Safety staff benefit from daily interaction and technical support from RTFC in-plant personnel to ensure safe operations and incident prevention.

Proven Results

RTFC has five in-plant fire stations, currently. The fire stations in Corpus Christi are located within CITGO, Flint Hills Resources East and West, and Lyondell Chemical Corporation. We also have an in-plant station serving Flint Hill Resources in Port Arthur, TX. These corporations have seen a continuous improvement in safety, health, and environmental programs with the help of their RTFC in-plant stations. See In-Plant History

Flint Hills Resources