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Protect Your Plant

An on-site emergency response team in your plant, staffed 24/7 by full-time fire professionals, is the best investment you’ll make to protect both the resources and people who work for you.

Always There and Always Prepared

These in-plant services are staffed 24/7 by full-time fire professionals who are able to respond to a diverse array of situations and locations through first-hand experience with your facility.

Our in-plant personnel provide the following immediate emergency response services:

Hazardous Materials
Medical Emergencies
Spill Response
Rescue Incidents

Additionally, those enlisting our in-plant services receive:

Fixed and Semi-fixed Fire Protection Systems
Inspection and upkeep of fire protection systems and safety equipment:

  • Fire hydrant and fixed fire monitor inspections and preventative maintenance
  • Fixed fire water pump and tank inspections
  • Firewater main block valve inspections
  • Storage tank fixed foam chamber inspections and testing
  • Deluge and sprinkler system inspection
  • Annual fire hose testing
Safety Equipment
Ensuring that operations are safe and that all government regulations are met;

  • Fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus inspections
  • Emergency eyewash/shower inspection
Emergency Preparation
Emergency planning for:

  • Emergency response (ERT) standby
  • Operating unit and storage tank fire preplanning
  • Emergency response drill coordination
  • Custom emergency response training courses through the RTFC Training Academy
Confined Space Rescue Standby

RTFC can also provide a highly qualified crew plus equipment for on-site rescue standby for critical confined space entry work. All work is performed and fully documented according to applicable OSHA, NFPA, AND ANSI standards.

Facility Safety staff benefit from daily interaction and technical support from RTFC in-plant personnel to ensure safe operations and incident prevention.

Proven Results

RTFC has five in-plant fire stations, currently. The fire stations in Corpus Christi are located within CITGO, Flint Hills Resources East and West, and Lyondell Chemical Corporation. We also have an in-plant station serving Flint Hill Resources in Port Arthur, TX. These corporations have seen a continuous improvement in safety, health, and environmental programs with the help of their RTFC in-plant stations. See In-Plant History

Flint Hills Resources