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Global Training Experience

RTFC’s state-of-the-art Training Academy opened on August 8, 1994. On an annual basis, we train people all across the globe in all aspects of industrial emergency response using RTFC-custom-tailored courses. Each course is built to meet the unique hazards and training needs of the individual company. The end goal is to mold trainees into skilled responders who have experienced these dangers firsthand and the mental capacity to remain focused amidst chaos.

In just the past five years, the RTFC Training Academy conducted a total of over 150,000 hours of training with customers not only from Texas and the continental United States, but also from as far away as Canada and Chile.

RTFC Training Academy Instructors

All RTFC Training Academy Instructors are career firefighters who “practice what they teach” in their daily work assignments, exemplifying the consistent mental sharpness and attention to detail all firefighters need. In addition, the RTFC Training Academy has a variety of adjunct instructors, considered experts in their respective fields, from all over the United States and United Kingdom.

Training Services

To learn more or schedule your training please contact us.

Admission Requirements: 

All companies are required to complete a membership application agreeing to indemnify the Fire Company against any and all claims that would arise as a result of their use of the field and to maintain financial responsibility. In order to demonstrate current level of financial responsibility; a current Certificate of Insurance must be received prior to scheduled training dates. The requirements for financial responsibility are different for Private and Governmental agencies.

Private Industry Financial Responsibility Requirements
Government or Municipal Financial Responsibility Requirements
Mutual Indemnity Agreement
Student Enrollment Form: PDF or Excel