Construction Update: Bulletin 1 - Change this value to a strong SEO phrase

Aug 1, 2014

This Construction Project Update Bulletin is one of many to be provided by the Refinery Fire Terminal Company (RTFC) for the construction of the new Fire Station and Administrative Building Project (I-37 at McBride Lane). These updates are meant to be a source of information for Dona Park residents and property owners as well as surrounding businesses, municipal and county representatives and RTFC member companies. Project construction began in July of 2014 and is expected to be completed in April of 2015.

RTFC is the largest non-profit industrial firefighting group in the United States. The expertise and services provided by RTFC are sought after by companies around the country and the world. This new facility will offer RTFC’s over 160 expert firefighters/EMTs a more efficient and up-to-date fire station from which to operate.

“As first line responders, safety is our business. We’re here to protect not only our member companies’ operations, but also the communities of Corpus Christi and neighboring towns,” said Chief Hight.

Construction Update

Water Connection

The City of Corpus Christi will be connecting and testing the waterline hook-up which involves digging in the alley/easement area directly behind 1118 Vernon. This process is expected to take two days from start to finish. The construction crew has been instructed to leave no trench or hole exposed overnight.

Separation Fence

Preparation for the installation of the fence will begin the week of August 4. The fence is approximately 684 feet in length and 12-14 feet high. It is designed to line the back of the RTFC property near the alley/ easement of the homes lining the East side of Vernon Drive (spanning the distance between 1038-1142 Vernon). It is a prefabricated concrete wall (images below) and estimated to take 4-6 weeks to install.