Construction Update: Bulletin 8 - Change this value to a strong SEO phrase

May 1, 2015

Construction Project Update Bulletins are provided by the Refinery Terminal Fire Company (RTFC) for the construction of the new Fire Station and Administrative Building Project (I-37 at McBride Lane). The updates are meant to be a source of information for the Manchester Addition and Dona Park residents and property owners as well as surrounding businesses, municipal and county representatives and RTFC member companies.

These Bulletins are available online at, by email (upon request), at St. Theresa Catholic Church (1302 Lantana) and the Local Emergency Planning Committee office for the City of Corpus Christi (2406 Leopard Street).

Construction Update

We are getting close to a successful completion of the new RTFC facilities. We anticipate moving into the administrative building in June. But the fire station will take another month to complete with an anticipated move-in date scheduled for some time in July.

Separation Fence

The final work to the screening fence will be done closer to the fire station completion date and will include painting of accent stone colors. There will also be work done to level the ground between the fence and the chain link so that lawn equipment can maneuver on level ground.

Retention Pond

We continue to monitor the retention pond for any unwanted aquatic or pest growth. As a reminder, it will have water added to it as needed to maintain pond level and will have a pump system to provide constant movement of water surface.

Ant Control

Professional pest services have once again been contracted and were called to the site in April to treat the entire perimeter of the fence line including identifiable ant mounds. These services are under warranty and available throughout the year as needed. Please contact Carla Gardiner if there is a reoccurrence of ant activity on the RTFC property near your home.

New Logo

We have changed our look and want to introduce you to our new logo. You may see it around town as simply RTFC without our name at the bottom. We just wanted to make sure that when you do, you knew it was us.