Construction Update: Bulletin 6 - Change this value to a strong SEO phrase

Dec 1, 2014

Construction Project Update Bulletins are provided by the Refinery Terminal Fire Company (RTFC) for the construction of the new Fire Station and Administrative Building Project (I-37 at McBride Lane). The updates are meant to be a source of information for the Manchester Addition and Dona Park residents and property owners as well as surrounding businesses, municipal and county representatives and RTFC member companies.

These Bulletins are available online at, by email (upon request), at St. Theresa Catholic Church (1302 Lantana) and the Local Emergency Planing Committee office for the City of Corpus Christi (2406 Leopard Street).

Construction Update

While good for the drought in our area, the rainy weather in November created some challenges at the work site for construction crews. Let’s just say the word for November was ‘mud’. Despite all the wet weather, progress was made, and as you can now see, we have our buildings framed and the final foundation poured for the fire station.

December Schedule

Crews will continue to work throughout the month of December with plans for a 1/2 day on the 24th and no work on the 25th and 26th. There are also plans for a 1/2 day on the 31st, no work on January 1st and smaller work crews returning on
the 2nd.

The Work Week

The nature of a construction project as large as this one brings talent and crews to our area from out-of-town. As such, their schedule often requires a six day and sometimes seven day work week. Once they are done, however, they move on to
the next construction project at another location – even in another town. This is why we have had some crews working six or seven days in a row.

However, some time after the new year much of the site work will turn to phases of interior construction. While there remains some exterior attention to finishing out the parking lots, landscaping and general clean-up the work levels will progressively decrease along with crew sizes.

Emergency Alert System

Once the fire station and administration buildings are operational, the notification system which alerts the RTFC response teams to an emergency are located on the interior of the buildings. No alarms will be placed on the exterior of any surface. Additionally, trucks leaving the facility in response to an emergency will initiate lights first and wait to initiate a siren until it has exited the site and is on the roadway enroute to the situation.

Retention Pond

The pond will have fresh water pumped into it as needed to keep it full. It will also have an aeration system added to decrease unwanted aquatic or pest growth. We are committed to continuously monitor and maintain the pond