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RTFC has gained significant emergency response experience during our 64-year history. The Emergency Response Teams (ERT) have covered over 300 fires and emergencies throughout the oil, petrochemical, pipeline, and port facilities of its members – protecting those employees from harm so they may return to their families at the end of the day. Most of RTFC’s chief officers have responded to at least 12 petroleum storage tank fires.

All Firefighters have completed The Process Unit Fire Fighting Program with hands-on training that realistically simulates the specific hazards of a member’s facility. The program includes live LPG and flammable liquid fires, offensive/defensive strategies, and daylight/night fire attack scenarios. Firefighters are also trained to respond to structure, building, and warehouse emergencies as well as confined space rescue and high angle rescue emergencies. This includes training on equipment identification, care and use; rope anchors, rigging, and hauling system building techniques; patient access, packaging, and extrication techniques; and rescuer responsibilities and safety practices.

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Our training develops the highest qualified and most skilled ERS Firefighters

Process unit, storage tank, interior structural, and marine firefighting response
Emergency medical response
Confined space, high angle, and trench rescue response
Hazardous materials response
The RTFC Main Station currently staffs a crew to respond to its member companies in the South Texas area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Main Station responds as requested to assist the City of Corpus Christi Fire Department.

RTFC is also responsible for protecting Port of Corpus Christi Authority from fires that occur on vessels, docks or other facilities within the ship channel. The Port of Corpus Christi Firefighting Barge, operated by RTFC personnel, is capable of pumping 8,000 GPM of water and carries 15,000 gallons of foam concentrate. Therefore, RTFC personnel are well trained with the newest innovations in marine firefighting.

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