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Refinery Terminal Fire Company (RTFC) functions as a cooperative entirely owned by our industrial membership. Membership fees, in the form of an annual assessment, fund the Emergency Response Services (ERS) we provide. In some cases, ERS member companies have furthered their contribution by donating specialized equipment. Such contributions are noted on the equipment, providing community recognition to the contributing member. The RTFC Board of Directors is made up of our member company representatives.

The RTFC Difference

Companies choose RTFC because we are the largest non-profit industrial firefighting organization in the United States. RTFC has been a Paramilitary organization from its inception. With over 64 years of experience in industrial emergency response, we’ve handled it all. This includes more than 300 major fires throughout the oil, petrochemical, pipeline, and port facilities of our members.
RTFC has 140 experienced firefighters.

Professional Training

RTFC has the flexibility to work with any facility. RTFC owns and operates its own Fire Training Academy. For an additional fee, RTFC ERS members can train their company personnel in a variety of skills that include, but are not limited to firefighting at the RTFC Training Academy.

25 years of in-plant management experience
RTFC has the flexibility to work with any facility