Construction Update: Bulletin 4 - Change this value to a strong SEO phrase

Sep 15, 2014

Construction Project Update Bulletins are provided by the Refinery Terminal Fire Company (RTFC) for the construction of the new Fire Station and Administrative Building Project (I-37 at McBride Lane). The updates are meant to be a source of
information for Dona Park residents and property owners as well as surrounding businesses, municipal and county representatives and RTFC member companies.

These Bulletins are available online at, by email (upon request), at St. Theresa Catholic Church (1302 Lantana) and the Local Emergency Planing Committee office for the City of Corpus Christi (2406 Leopard Street).

Construction Update

Concrete Pour

In response to the concerns raised about lights and noise in the early morning hours during the latest concrete pour, we have met with the construction team and have determined that an adjustment to a 7:00 AM start for the next large pour will be possible. We remain open to receiving your comments and concerns, and will continue to determine what measures can be taken to strike the right balance between being good neighbors and getting the work completed. Our primary goal is to provide the community with a new fire station so that we can be better responsive to industry when needed.

Separation Fence

You might be interested to know that the prefabricated fence was the first thing ordered before construction began. We had hoped it would be installed before this time to bring relief from the noise and lights of construction. Unfortunately, its delay has been out of our hands and is determined by the manufacturer. We expect construction of the fence to begin the week of Sept 29.

Chain Link Fence

When asked about who is responsible for mowing in the areas between the RTFC chain link and the residential fences, we found this isn’t an easy answer. There are areas where overgrowth is tremendous including trees, vines and thick tall grass. The space between the fences is not uniform in size with residential fence lines sitting on different planes. Some areas are too small to fit a mower or even a person with a handheld piece of equipment. While other properties have extended their fence line to include the land right up to the RTFC chain link fence and have kept it mowed. The other challenge is accessibility. The RTFC fence closes off access at both the North and South ends to eliminate unwelcome pedestrian traffic behind the residential properties. There is access to some of the properties starting at Gale Street. The issue of tremendous overgrowth beyond those homes is still a challenge for offering effective services.

One option which offers accessibility from the RTFC side of the fence for the entire length of the property is spraying. This also takes into consideration the least amount of disruption to back yard pets as well as safety of the unfamiliar person working close to residential properties. We will investigate options for suppressing weeds that will not harm pets or be an irritant to humans.


Rainy weather and mosquitoes go hand in hand. We believe the recent uptick in mosquito activity is related to our September showers. However, the retention pond at the Northeast side of the property will continue to be monitored and treated when necessary so as to not contribute to the issue.

Ant Piles

A pest control specialist was called to the property on Monday, September 8 to treat any active piles on the West side of the property. See photos on next page. He will return to the site the week of September 22 to address any new areas.
Rainy conditions such as those recently experienced in Corpus Christi can cause active mounds to become difficult to treat due to blocked or changing tunnels. Drier conditions are an optimal time to locate and treat such pests and arrangements have been made for the follow-up visit.

Trucks on Roadways

We have relayed to the construction team the community concern that some trucks are traveling at rates too fast to safely navigate the intersection at Lantana Road and the access road along I-37. The reality is that not all the trucks that travel this roadway are related to the RTFC project. We encourage everyone to drive safely.

What’s Next

Corpus Christi Community Advisory Council
Saturday, November 1 | 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM | RSVP to: 361.945.4925
Zavala Elementary School, 3125 Ruth Street
Topic: Table Top Drill – What to do in the event of a chemical emergency.

Corpus Christi Community Advisory Council
Wednesday, November 5 | 5:30 – 8:00 PM | RSVP to: 361.945.4925
Refinery Terminal Fire Company Training Academy, 3920 Carbon Plant Road
Topic: Family Night – Fire fighting demonstrations. Learn chemical event safety
precautions. Children welcome.